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Refugee Line

Refugee Line is for those who have fled war, conflict or disaster and are in Sweden. You can talk to us about how you feel and get support to feel better. You can reach us via phone on 020-150 110 Sunday to Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. If you are calling using a foreign mobile cellular operator you can reach us via phone on +46  10 140 01 10. The line offers support in Ukrainian and Russian on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday and in English on Tuesday and Wednesday. When you call us, you can be anonymously, and Mind covers the costs of the call.

You are anonymous

Your anonymity and privacy are important to us. When you contact the Refugee line, you are anonymous. We do not see your phone number when you call in to us and the volunteer who takes your call does not tell you their name when you call in.

Volunteers do voluntary work, and it is not okay to subject us to any form of abuse, be it in the form of anger, threats or sexual innuendo.

Sometimes we are involved in research projects at well-established universities, in which case we decode all calls from personal details, so that no identifiable information is revealed.

We who answer

The line is staffed by psychologists, psychology students and others with professional experience in counselling. The line is open to anyone with experience of war and displacement and offers support in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Several of the volunteers on the line who receive calls in Ukrainian are of Ukrainian origin.

About the talks

War and traumatic experiences cause pain, but with support it can feel better. Through supportive conversations, you can find peace in what is difficult. The Refugee Line is for people who have fled war, conflict or disaster, who are in Sweden and who want to talk to someone about how they are feeling.

The line is open to anyone who has fled and is in Sweden. In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, we offer support in Ukrainian and Russian on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we offer support in English.

Who we are

Mind is a non-profit organisation that promotes mental well-being by providing compassionate support, spreading knowledge and pursue advocacy. We are religiously and politically independent. We do not replace health care but complement it. Mind runs the Life line, Suicide Line, Elderly Line, Parents Line, Refugee Line and Mind Forum.

Mind works for a society that promotes mental well-being. A society where people with mental health problems and psychiatric diagnoses are respected, get the support they need and where no one takes their own life.

Cooperation with the Psychologists for Ukraine (PFU) network

Mind launches the helpline in cooperation with the non-profit network Psychologists for Ukraine (PFU). The network was established to bring together psychologists to support people who have fled Russia’s war against Ukraine. PFU was founded by psychologists Jelena Röshoff Qvarnström and Helena Cloodt, who run the network together with psychology students Gustav Almelöv, Olivia Wideroth and Paulina Nordebrand.

The PFU consists of licensed psychologists and psychology students who have completed at least half of their course of studies. Several members of the network work as volunteers and take calls that come in to the line.

The PFU is working with the Swedish Psychologists Association to gather and engage Ukrainian psychologists who have fled to Sweden. PFU also connects those seeking support with psychologists working on a voluntary basis around Sweden.

On days when the line is open in Ukrainian, calls are received both by PFU volunteers and by Ukrainian psychologists.

More information about PFU is available at

Other support

The support we provide is about your mental wellbeing. If you want support for other issues affecting your situation or if you are having difficulty getting through, use these links:

Healthcare in Sweden (1177 in English)

Migration Agency in Sweden


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Questions and answers about the Refugee Line

Can I call the Refugee Line from another country? 
You can only call the Refugee Line if you are in Sweden. 
How much does it cost to call the Refugee Line? 
The calls are free in addition to your telephone operator's opening fee if you are calling from a Swedish telephone number. Mind is covering for the rest of the cost of the call. If you are calling using a foreign mobile cellular operator the cost of the call is depending on your subscription plan.
Why are you open some days in Ukrainian? 
Anyone who has fled war, conflict and disaster and wants to talk to someone about their mental health can call the Refugee Line. Right now we provide support in Ukrainian during specific days because we know that many have fled the war in Ukraine to Sweden and are in need of support. 
Why am I not allowed to talk to the same person when I call again? 
Mind's volunteers are all anonymous. They will not tell you their name when you call. You should get a supportive call with whoever you are talking to.